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  1. Bruce - Just off top of my head, try quitting Fuji Aquire. It might be hijacking the cameras connection to your MBP. Strangely, after speaking with CO support, mine started working perfectly without me changing anything. Not sure why so I don’t have full confidence in the set up yet. But quality of Raw conversions in clearly superior to ACR. Let me know how you get on?
  2. Hi all, I downloaded the new version of Capture One 11.3, which supports tether shooting on GFX cameras, but I'm having some trouble getting things to work properly. When I connect up the GFX 50S to my MacBook Pro the software sees the camera and lets me trigger it remotely. But the RAW image that's transferred over only shows up as a VERY low res preview. The rest of the image is missing. The files have transferred, because I can see them on Finder and open them through Lightroom/Photoshop. Whatsmore, I can shoot Raw files to card and open them in Capture One 11.3 OK. Anyone else had any problems? Ian
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