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    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum. If you are coming from the film world you're in for a surprise. The good news is that once you're adjusted to the digital aspects, you may find yourself looking to simplify things again, that's what happened to me after a 30 year gap. I think choosing the X-pro 1 and two primes is a great starting point. If you have some of your old lenses, you'll be happy to learn there are a number of adapters out there that will let you use those older lenses again.
  2. Ken_Udle

    Introduce Yourself

    Makes sense. Did you know you can get adapters that will let you use other lens mounts on a Fuji x-mount camera? I have one for FD and EF. The older ones are better though as they usually give you control over the aperture. Focus peaking makes manual focusing a breeze. Also they're not that expensive.
  3. Ken_Udle

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum. I agree with you that investment in glass is the smart way to go. my fav. fuji lens is my 35mm 1.4, give it a try if you can it is a wonderful lens.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello from Orleans Ontario Canada. I retired from a desk job 5 years ago. I'm a cancer survivor and am partially blind (I can see detail in my right eye but it too is failing). I have been using an X-Pro 1 on and off for 2 years and now have decided to make the full-time switch and sell my Canon gear (5D Mk iii). I'm making the change because I discovered I really like the rangefinder camera especially the hybrid used by Fuji. In terms of a background, while I have taken a couple courses and workshops, I'm self-taught. With the help of a mentor I began a journey to learn about art and photography in art. I'm looking forward to hearing new voices from this forum.