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  1. The highest mountains on the Colorado Plateau. Outside Moab, UT. If this were shot today, there'd be snow on the peaks.
  2. Ok, I'm new at parts of this, so please, cut me a little slack.... Gear info: Fujifilm X-Pro1, 50mm f/2 Leitz Summitar, shortest (10mm? Not sure, I can't read Russian) LTM extension tube. ISO 200, f/11, 1/40th, -1 stop EV. Image info: I'd shot pretty much this same (series of) image(s) half an hour or so before, then imported the set into LR. The plan was to shoot 5 images then stack, align and blend the bunch in PS, so I did. Made for a pretty decent image overall, but I noticed two serious problems: first, the closer-most elements (the moonflower seeds) were not in focus, and second, I finally saw the 'worms' others have described as being a problem with X-Trans images, and knew this would not stand. So, I took the tray of 'Fall Harvest' moonflower pods back outside and re-shot them, but this time increasing the subject-to-camera ratio very slightly, decreased exposure by a stop, and re-shot two sets of seven images to stack. Upon completion of that, I returned to my computer and imported the shots with the new Fuji-dedicated (Lite) version of Capture One. Voila! No worms! And what I wanted in focus was indeed in focus. I then proceeded to stack and process (tweaks in LR and Topaz Studio) the image to the result you see here. A question, however: As mentioned, I'm new to Fuji. As such, Focus Peaking is new to me, and I'm finding I sometimes undershoot an area of (what I want to be) critical focus. Does anyone have any manual, non-Fuji glass focusing tips they'd be so kind as to pass along to me? I'm all for learning by trial and error, but jeez.....
  3. Rainy Monday. Fujifilm X-Pro1 w/ (1948) 50mm f/2 collapsible Leitz Summitar.
  4. Greetings, folks. As stated in the title, I'm new to the forum. Recently --umm, three weeks ago-- picked up a (minty) used X-Pro1. Long time Nikon (film & digital) user, but similarly, I'm a long time Leica thread mount (both Leitz & Russki clone) camera/lens user, and have been jones-ing for a digital body to use those old lenses on. Not wanting to drop thousands of $$$ for the latest and greatest (quite yet), I opted for the oh-so-sexy little aforementioned X-Pro1. So far...... whoa, jeez! Its a whole 'nuther world! And that other world happens to be situated in a galaxy I rather like. A lot. So far, favorite lenses include 50mm f/2 Leica Summitar and a Russian (FED) f/6.3 100mm --via adapters, obviously-- as well as some of my older Nikon AI glass (turns out f/2.8 24mm and f/2 135 are pretty killer on digital), and over time there'll be others added as I continue to experiment. I also picked up (rather inexpensively) the less-than-impressive Fuji 16-50mm zoom largely to see how it felt to have a lens that was made for and meant to work (AF, meter couple, show EXIF) on a Fuji. I like it, too, a little more than I expected, but ultimate sharpness is not among my photographic goals, per se. Bottom line, I guess, is: hey there X-Pro users! Once I figure things out a little, hope to post a pic or two AND probably ask some unforgiveably newbie-type questions. Who knows? Over time, might even be able to add an iota or two to the user knowledgebase.
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