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  1. Attaz, I will be most curious to see how my camera comes back from its repair (340.00++ charge) for the exact same problem. This is a very lightly used body, and handled like all my cameras with kidgloves....I rather wish the repair facility was in Japan and not New Jersey;
  2. Just got bad news that the problem with my X-Pro2 (freezing mid shoot, not waking from sleep), a body with maybe 1500 frames shot on it (and barely 2 months out of warranty), is a failed/failing main power board, which will cost 340.00+ for repair (set) and shipping/handling charges. To say I'm astonished is understatement. Even Apple shows customer base more regard when a device fails due to material/workmanship. Seems out of character for what I have come to expect from Fujifilm.
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