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  1. Great, thanks all for clearing it up. Much appreciated!
  2. Hey, I'm not quite sure what you're saying exactly.. I'm using the xt1-f transmitter on my fuji camera. I want to hook a couple of them up to some strobes I have, via the cable port. But Godox doesn't make fuji transmitters. So my question is: does anyone know if the xt1-f is a receiver as well, or if I can use the xt1-c or xt1-n receivers. Thanks - hopefully that's more clear
  3. Hello, Please pardon the noob-sounding question, but I'm just trying to get a straight answer on this.... So the X1T-F is a flash trigger, I get that. I want to use this to trigger my non-godox strobes. There is no receiver made for Fuji. So... does this work as both? Do I get one of the receivers made for nikon/cannon/etc? I'm just confused by all this. Thanks!!
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