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  1. I have looked for this sort of topic before posting but could not find what I was looking for so asking from scratch.Hi, Im dipping my toes into the gimbal world and have zero experience. Im looking for something which could support an X-T2 with a VPB-XT2 booster pack and XF 8-16mm f2.8. Yes I know its a heavy combination, Im not wanting to spend loads of money, can you recommend anything? Im really needing some help from members that have X-T2's with either feiyu-tech or zhiyun-tech experience with these cameras. Their sites only list X-T3's as being compatable, Im not sure whether they work with X-T2's.Thanks...
  2. Yes I know its old, may be rubbish but I have been given a brand new, unused Trinity Nano Studio Flash Lighting - 400ws kit. I need a wireless camera transmitter / receiver system so I'm after recommendations please. I wont be using an onboard speedlight of any type at the moment, just up to the 3 studio flash heads. Thanks
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