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  1. Recently my XT1 stopped working, when I have a lens attached the lcd screen flashes for 20 seconds and then I get the message "Lens Control Error" on screen and am unable to take any shots. I've tried a few things already (listed at the bottom) and none of these steps have resolved the issue. I've tested it with my 16mm lens and another lens and the error seems to occur with any lens, so I'm sure it's an issue with the body and not the lens. When I remove the lens the error doesn't occur. I'm currently travelling in Colombia and according to their designated service centre here (who I'm not entirely sure I trust) I need to have the camera's main board ("tarjeta principal") replaced, for which they're quoting around $150. I just want to be sure that this really is the issue before I shell out the cash to have it fixed. Has anyone had this error fixed by Fuji and if so, do you know what element needed to be fixed? Thanks in advance. S Steps I've already tried: Turned the camera on and off; removed the battery for a few mins and replaced; updated the firmware for both the camera and lens; reset the camera to factory default settings; taken the lens on and off; cleaned the copper contact points both on the lens and the body.
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