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  1. Do you find it has the watercolour effect? I find that for street type stuff the camera is fine but the Australian bush where i live it can't handle at all no matter what program i use. For this Capture One is the best but i don't like the colours on this program.
  2. Hi I am new to this forum and new to fuji digital. I have an XE3 and love the camera its is the perfect size for travel as i was looking for a camera that i can get good results on but one I'm likely to not leave in my hotel room all the time, so this little fella i can sling over my should and i don't even notice it. I started off using LR and like many users was disappointed by the results for stuff i shot which has trees and foliage etc, I tried X Transformer and to be honest can notice only a tiny difference if any. From there i moved to Capture One with a trial, and it has great detail and is a great bit of software but i miss the profiles. I did download the profiles from this forum and they are quite good but they are not quite there yet. The next step was giving Silky Pix Studio a go as i love the Jpegs but just want a bit more control. In this program i have looked side by side and found it to be the best yet. The results are really clean and detailed with great colour. It outputs as a Tiff and i can do minor things with the file in Capture One or Lightroom after this if need be. Some questions i have are: Has anyone tried the Capture one Styles, and how are they? Does anyone have any nice jpeg recipes, particularly one to make CC look like Kodachrome? Am i the only one who thinks Irridient X Transformer does nothing? This is a difficult one but does anyone have links to where i can learn how to make my own colour profile in Capture One in the same style of say a Mastin Labs or VSCO? Not so much how to save the presets and all that jazz but how to make my own "look" if you will. Sorry for the long post, just trying to nail down a process. Ultimately i would love to develop my own presets so i can have a consistent look but i realise this can be quite hard.
  3. Hi Im a new Fuji user as of a couple of months ago, when i purchased an Xe3 with the 23mm f2. I am from Canberra Australia and generally shoot with an RZ67 medium format camera, but got this little guy to take with me to Japan next month and as a travel/have with me at all times camera after this. I was on the cusp of selling this camera due to the wormy/watercolour effect in the files in LR but have since found a workaround. My main interests are landscape, travel and architecture and would dabble in wildlife and sport if i had the lenses for it. My main reason for joining this forum is on the post processing, camera settings and film simulation recipe side of things and would love to hear how you guys all setup and edit your photos. So far my favourite general purpose film sim is surprisingly Astia with the saturation bumped up to 2. It just has the nicest blues i have ever seen.
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