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  1. Hmmmm! I didn't realize it was going to be cheaper. Interesting. I was very, very frustrated to hear that it's not getting IBIS, given that even our little iPhones and Androids have image stabilization, as well as smaller cameras from most other major makers (i.e. it's not a size thing). The touch screen I couldn't care less about, but some of the other improvements are appealing (including longer battery life - yes!!!). We will see if it's worth upgrading from my X-T2 for something that doesn't have the main thing I was expecting and hoping for in the X-T3. At this point I kinda doubt it -- I don't do super fast continuous shooting and am about 50/50 manual vs. autofocus, so faster autofocus is not a big deal to me, though of course to many others it is.
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