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  1. I have been using the Fittest LB-XE1/XE2 baseplate and grip for a year or two now and I decided to fit the "L" bracket part to the base for portrait shooting. Unfortunately there has been a production error in machining the dovetail specs compared to the base plate and the vertical plate is about 0.5mm thinner than it should be. I have added some shims to the plate to make up the difference but it is still not perfect, plus the receipt for it is long gone. What I would like to do is purchase another unit, but obviously from another supplier and I want to know if anyone can recommend a better unit without this discrepancy. There are several options available on the net but you can't judge whether they are OK or not. Anybody using this combination that does't require adjusting the clamp everytime? I have the Sunwayfoto Quick Release tripod head.