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    buying X-T1 or X-T20 in 2018?!

    I have two X-T1s and see no reason to upgrade them as long as they continue to work. Buy the X-T1. It's a competent body and will remain so for a long time to come. Once upon a time, technology progressed at a rate that, to stay competitive, you HAD to upgrade your gear about every three years. That is no longer the case, and improvements are evolutionary not revolutionary. Quite honestly, a 12mp body remains competent today for the majority of photographers and what they do. I also have a Phase One 645 with a 28mp Leaf back, and quite honestly it's files are overkill for anything I do. Don't misunderstand, I love that equipment and the file size; but the truth is I don't NEED it. My 16pm X-T1s are perfectly competent.