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  1. An update. Fuji received my camera and quoted $381 to replace the internal battery. This is absurd! Essentially, slightly more than a year into this camera's life, I have to pay 40% of the replacement cost to replace the internal battery? How good is that battery for? Does anyone expect to spend $380 every year to year and a half for their "entry level" fuji camera?
  2. This happened to me on a recent trip. Very frustrating to bypass language and date every time. Also, the photos from halfway through the trip have the wrong date now and I had to turn off the annoying focus beep every time I turned the camera on. Because I bought the X-T20 more than a year ago, it's no longer under warranty. Fuji quoted me $275 to replace it. I'm pretty miffed that it failed so early and that it's so expensive to replace.
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