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  1. I have to admit, I am very unhappy with my 80mm Macro, by FUJI.....NO TRIPOD collar is a real bummer for my OLD SELF. In searching around for a third party collar, none list the inside diameter of their offerings. Anyone have a source for a collar for my (24cm Diameter) 80mm Macro fuji lens???
  2. wish not to risk base of camera body on try-pod with this monster lens. any solutions out there??
  3. Why is there no place on the FUJI forum to buy and sell used gear? almost all other forums have a marketplace. Let's make it happen. RJM
  4. Anyone know whether-or-not the Fuji 2-X extender works(fits) with the 80mm Macro????
  5. How come, no forum members sell & buy, section?? I'm new and need a lens or two. Other than my 18-50mm... RJM
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