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  1. Hi, No, I never got the issue resolved. Fuji asked me to send my camera in for repair...timing has just never worked out. It only happens in HD video. When shooting video in 4k, the problem is less apparent.
  2. Hello. I'm a brand new fuji owner. My camera was purchased just over a month ago. I'll be using it mainly for video. Stills will be a part of my work. Recently I've begun to notice stuck pixels(bright pixels). This is not a display problem. The errant pixels get recorded to video. I shoot in manual mode, iso/aperture/shutter speed. I've attempted pixel mapping, no help. What does help, if I put the camera into auto mode. Auto iso/aperture/shutter speed, the bright pixels disappear. I have a week-long shoot starting Monday, I'd prefer not to work in auto mode. I really do like the images this camera can produce. Does anyone have experience with a problem like this? Any insight would be appreciated. I am in contact with Fuji, they've asked me to send the camera back to them. Picture above, camera is in auto mode...picture below, camera is in manual mode.
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