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  1. Hello! I recently bough an X-E3 and I am really happy with it! I want to buy a leather case for it though, both since I like the feel of it and because it looks better (and hopefully also protect the camera a bit), and I have been looking around. I was using the fujifilm original leather case for my old X70, and I really liked that one. Does anyone have the fujifilm BLC-XE3 for your camera? Are you happy with it? From what I can see on pictures, the case is not attached to the camera in the tripod socket, but just with buttons over the strap metal thingies, is this the case? Is it still a good fit? Is the strap that comes with it in leather as well? I find surprisingly little information about this case on the internet - no reviews, no youtube videos and almost no one talking about it.. If not this one, what do you use? Thanks!
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