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  1. CarterMoore

    L'architecture de la pluie - Compagnie Kunal Ranchod

    Magnificent photo, I really like how to stand out blue color!)
  2. CarterMoore

    My favorite camera bag is...

    I like this very much))
  3. CarterMoore

    Nissin i40 compatible with X-E3 ?

    Excellent advice in a post on the top, you should find out directly from the manufacturer or dealer, they will tell you for sure!
  4. CarterMoore

    Down we go!

    Ooooh, this is really awesome! )
  5. CarterMoore

    People -- Anything about People (Open Thread)

    It turned out a great shot! It turned out a great shot
  6. CarterMoore

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone, I'm newbie to this forum, and after reading a few topics I realized that I can find here many interesting and useful, an excellent resource!)