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    Brøndby, Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe
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    Cats, Open Source software, Photos, Fujifilm, Happy amateur

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Even though it is almost 30 years ago I got my first Fujifilm camera for my birthday, I consider myself as a newbee on the photography world. In 2018 I got a used X-t1 and a 7Artisans 55mm manual prime for christmas. Due to health issues I really do not use it enough - something I really hope to change. Until now I've only shot RAW making colour changes, yes I really love B&W and Sepia, in post.

As I went all in on GNU/Linux and left the IBM OS/2 world completely in 2007- I do my post op in DarkTable and handling in DigiKam with a MariaDB backend. I haven't decided on which online gallery I should use and still wastes ressources on both Piwigo and a home made HTML5 based.

I have departed with both Facebook and Twitter - which has removed a ton of stress. It's like going from a Klingon opera performed in a concert hall filled with spectators from a football game and to a completely quiet and lovely dark room.


Enjoy the silence.

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