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  1. My thanks too… I got my X-T4 yesterday and began setting up the camera experiencing the same "storing" problem. I had set the clarity set to +1. After reading this thread I dropped back to 0 and the storing lag disappeared. Thanks again.
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    On the street where I live… Camera: X-Pro2 Lens: 16-80mm f/4

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  3. I have an X-E2 and X-E3 though, truth be told, it's the X-E3 that gets the use as my third Fujifilm camera is an X-Pro 2 and there's an X-T4 on order. I'm a professional… have been for, dare I say it, fifty years. So… I love the X-E3 because it reminds me of my old Leica CL, a wonderful little camera I used through the 70's into the 80's. Small, quiet, unobtrusive, it, like the X-E3, was a great little street shooter. I join you in mourning the passing of the X-E cameras. I know mine will be in use until they give up the ghost.
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