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  1. x-t2 Firmware 4.10 ​I've noticed something rather disappointing with recording F-log - There is no way to record 4K F-log internally and send a signal to an external viewing monitor(not recording) via HDMI out. This makes x-t2 and x-h1 a non starter for drone capture since the drone needs an hdmi out so it can relay a picture to the ground. I just get a black screen via HDMI - its like having a blind camera operator. Am I missing something? Is there a data limit that wont allow for F-log 4K and hdmi out? Seems like it shouldn't matter since f-log is compressed and non-f-log 4K seems to work just fine. let me know what you all think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/64ga2bs30ec3za6/fujifloghdmiissue.jpg?dl=0
  2. I instantly lost that rubber cap on both my xt1 and xt2 but only my xt2 has this problem. I've never heard of this issue with xt1(maybe im wrong and its a thing). I also used my xt1 heavily. Like lots of brazing lots of beatings, all weekend raves, festivals, world travel etc and really no problems. vert grip on and off and on again. I've been much more careful with my xt2 as im using it for client work mainly and this vertical grip issue is a big problems. Let me know if anyone has updates.
  3. Looks like this years long problem persists. I too have the double dead batteries indicator with genuine 126s fully charged in my vertical grip. So do we assume this is an indicator issue and not a contact/power issue ? either way this sucks.
  4. So I've discovered that there is no way to downgrade / roll back / downdate fuji firmware. its very unfortunate. I do it from time to time with drives for my graphics card for example if my system is crashing after a new release. really wish fuji would let me roll back manualy. I'm also not finding a way to factory reset X/
  5. Ah! truly, thank you glospete. disaster averted. Now lets see if it loads... again, thanks a million.
  6. my problem is the roll back itself! i found out the hard way that the 4.01 fix is a roll back to 3.0, lost internal f log! I also formatted my cards from the previous update! If someone has the 4.0 dat file they could send I would be very thankful. I'm needing 4k f-log for a drone shoot in a few days and don't have time to source a 4k external recorder. I would even send a little btc in return, no kidding.
  7. friends, I just read on the fuji site that 4.01 is a roll back to 3.0 and now I cant shoot f-log in camera. I shoot drone in two days and I promised 4k f log to the director and dp. I don't have time to source an external 4k recorder. I could use a .dat of the 4.0 but cant find it anywhere. can someone post a copy. I just chatted with a xt2 4.0 f-log shooter on instagram and he's not having any problems - running 4.0 is a risk im willing to take. let me know if you have and can post a copy. x love
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