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  1. I was a complete newbie to the fuji system and I chose to start with the X100T as I still have a full Canon 5DIII kit to fall back on. For travel/street/general landscape, I don't think I could have made a better choice. Not only is the IQ superb from this little camera but the fixed focal length makes me really think about composition before I press the shutter. the wifi is pretty cool when it works and I can get shots uploaded to FB or Instagram in a matter of minutes after shooting which is great for nights out with friends. The X100T is a great intro to the x-system, after 20 years shooting Canon, it has me thinking of going all in with Fuji.
  2. Add me to the list of new X100T owners, I'm a long time Canon shooter with a 5DIII and bag full of Canon glass. The X100T hasn't left my side in over a month of ownership whereas I had to convince myself to bring out the 5Dlll for a day of shooting. Honestly, it's the most liberating camera I've ever owned and the image quality is just fine for 16x24 prints.
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