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  1. edarto

    Affordable 135 for portraits.

    I use the Nikon 135mm f3.5 Ai with Metabones adaptor on my X-t2. Great lens, build like a tank. Can be had for EUR 85,= (in the Netherlands) in minty shape. The Nikon 135mm f2.8 is slightly better but is bit more expensive like about EUR 120-150,=
  2. edarto

    Recommandation for a >85mm landscape lens

    I have the Nikon 100mm f2.8 e series. Adapted on a Fuji will be about 150mm. Great lens and cheap. Can be had for EUR 65,= (in the Netherlands) in good shape.
  3. edarto

    Nikon 50mm 1:1.4

    Agree. Fuji has great lenses like the 56mm 1.2 but is EUR 900,= (in the Netherlands). Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Ai (s) although MF can be had for about EUR 150,= used.
  4. edarto

    Fuji Flowers

    #3 X-T2 and Nikkor 28mm f2 Ai with Metabones adapter.
  5. edarto

    Fuji Flowers

    #2 X-T2 and 23mm f2
  6. edarto

    Fuji Flowers

    #1 X-T2 and 16mm 1.4
  7. edarto

    3 Days in Rome... Which Gear?

    I am also going to Rome this summer and will also bring 1 camera and 3 lenses. My setup will be. X-t2, XF 18-135, for more close ups of the statues and monuments. Perhaps also for some tighter shots from the surrounding hills. XF 10-24, for inside the buildings and some wide shots, and XF 23mmF2, for street and filming. Still in doubt whether to bring my XF 16mmF1.4 instead. The 23mm is small and lighter compared to the 16mm..
  8. edarto

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi All, This edarto from the Netherlands. Since 2017 I am shooting with a Xt-2. Before that I was shooting with Nikon D700. Very happy with the Fuji system. My gear at this moment are some primes like 16/1.4, 23/2, 35/2 and some zooms like 10-24, 16-55, and 18-135mm. Like travel and portraits.