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  1. Hi fellow X-T20 users! I started out with an X-T10 and used this camera for a couple of years. Loved the camera and took some really great pics with this model. Have recently upgraded to the X-T20 model and am delighted with the increase in mega-pixels, auto-focus speed and the recent firmware upgrade too. However, I was surprised that when I slipped one battery out for a fully charged one, I found the camera had lost all of my preferred settings, even to having to re-input from "English" through the whole of the menus again. The manual states that this will happen if the time lapse between battery changes is prolonged. So, at the next at the battery change I had the new battery close to hand and slipped the used on out and immediately replaced it with the fully charged one. It was not successful in rescuing my settings. It appears that this camera has no capacity to hold/store the individual settings and has constantly dropped back into a full factory reset mode at each subsequent battery change. Frustrating to say the least. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I missing something here? Johnnie
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