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  1. Zeiss also make the Touit 12mm f2.8 offers AF great build but cost a bit more than the Samyang 12mm f2
  2. I have a couple of XC 16-50 OIS II lenses purchased with my XA2 & XM1 cameras. The image quality is superb as is the XC 50-230mm They are the first lenses I recommend to fellow photographers looking to dip there hand into the Fuji X system as they offer exceptional image quality for the price you can pick them up for.
  3. Hello fellow togs I'm new to this forum but not Fuji I've been with Fuji through both film and digital decades I have 5 Film bodies 8 Dslrs a HS-10 bridge and now numerous X bodies and XF lenses. I moved into the X system with a special offer on the Xpro 1 and a couple of XF prime lenses in late 2015. And earlier this year Fuji released a camera with what I had been asking about for a number of years that of course is the XH1 with the ibis system
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