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  1. I know I am late but try fixed high ISO to get the Across grain - I like that effect.
  2. The free ATTO disk benchmark can test you cards but your computers card-reader will influence the speed if it is not fast enough or not USB 3 - however it will still give you a good indication of card health: https://www.atto.com/disk-benchmark/ Write speed is usually not given because they are often a lot lower than the useless read speed.
  3. If it works correctly in automatic with mechanical shutter then the shutter is fine but the shutter control settings are not coming through. That's a software/firmware issue. Try a complete reset - else send it in so Fuji can reprogram it - flashing will probably not fix it - unless the update has a specific fix for this issue it probably will not rewrite these functions.
  4. 1. Clean cards the with a pencil eraser and format and test them on a computer first to see if they are OK. 2. Then take pictures to see if OK. 3. Now Format in Camera and test again. 4. Test in each slot separately. if cards fails in one slot but not the other that slot needs to be professionally cleaned (don't try this at home) if the cards fail in both slots the camera firmware or hardware failed = service. You can try resetting the camera first but there is no way of knowing if that would help.
  5. #1 Multi aspect-ration sensor is my #1 Imagine a square 24MP for shooting portraits in Across (or whatever you like) and a wider aspect for landscape. An oversized sensor could do this with essentially the same pixel size and effective higher resolution output since you wouldn't need to crop. #2 A menu system with context sensitive menu's that show you what is available and unavailable for all settings and leaves everything in the same place so you can see the changes when you for example chose manual vs auto focus. #3 Downsize but add a decent grip for single handed shooting.
  6. I own and enjoy the X-Pro2 but that does make it fit in a pocket. My old X-M1 does and the new X-E3 is much closer to pocket size. I love the optical viewfinder but the Electronic viewfinders are absolutely sufficient for 99.999 % of my work. While waiting for the X-Pro2 I bought an X-E2 and you don't need the megapixels until you crop tight, they are cheap now and great in expensive cameras that are still reasonably compact.
  7. Have you tried a firmware update? It should not be needed but since it will reset most everything when you run it it is worth a try (and harmless) I believe there is a lens update as well that ties in with the XP2 update that improved focus. It's a great little lens, the field is not 100% flat but that has not been a problem however it is sensitive to cross light and it doesn't have a hood which is a faux-pas at the price.I made a cheap felt tube that fits the barrel - it works when I remember it.
  8. Nice work, and not an easy environment!
  9. Just assembled this so I am not fully moved in. Just about perfect dimensions. Two Ikea CD storage units and doors from their bookshelves. You have to drill your own holes for the hinges but that was easy as the hinges can be installed on the door first for proper spacing.
  10. I gravitate towards Astia for colorful costumes and stage lights with strange color spectrum's, it is more flexible and overloads progressively. And - yes - use it with RAW so you can change your mind.
  11. The camera can only do a "Quick Format" - this means that it removes the directory and writes a new empty one - it does not delete anything or read the whole card . You can let the camera do the Quick Format so it matches Fuji's firmware 100%. But from time to time or when experiencing problems it is a good idea to have your computer do a complete format (slow) - this way it actually goes through and make sure that all the storage space is addressable.
  12. Buying a new camera instead of new batteries is not a logical solution to a very common problem. NiMH batteries are a CONSUMABLE even if there is are best practices for charging and extending the battery life. Getting an average of 100 shots per battery means that you either have the camera lit up like a Christmas tree with continuous focus running and the Eye Sensor turning ON the electronic viewfinder while it dangles from your strap or more likely that the batteries are shot. A quick Google query reveals that NiMH batteries loose efficiency as the compounds start to crystallizing - in fact they can injure the isolation film between layers in extreme cases. Anyway IT IS TOTALLY NORMAL for NiMH batteries to be used up. It doesn't matter what the application, Laptops also consumes NiMH batteries. When the batteries get tired you buy new ones. Unfortunately we do not have access to the individual cells so reconditioning them is almost impossible except for making sure that they are fully discharged regularly - when you use several at the time in a grip you have to keep track so you are using a matched set - if the batteries go down at different times the load is shifted and the others go that much faster. Note that at least in theory the camera body and the grip should be running on matching batteries. Best practices for a professional would be to label each battery and use them in the assigned "sets" when possible that are fully used up during each use, that way you have a chance of spotting the problem batteries. Better yet use them alone in an extra body you can leave ON until they are fully drawn down - this helps recondition them and it tells you how long they run at the same time. As a professional I would buy a set of three batteries every three month for each rig. After a year test them and sort them using the best in reconfigured sets for back-up and studio use. This way you will be ready for prime time.
  13. Show us your stuff huck222. We all try to contribute each in our own way, please demonstrate what you mean and since you used the work Professional make it at that level.
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