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  1. Hi Suzan. Thanks for following up. Yes, I did solve this. Given that this only occurred with my laptop and not my desktop, I suspected it was the computer and not the camera at fault. I finally found a USB power setting in the Lenovo software that allowed the USB outlet to be used for charging, even when the computer was not in use. Disabling this solved the issue. Must have somehow affected the USB power output I guess, but I am happy to be able to shoot again tethered to my laptop.
  2. Well tried a 2m cable. Couldn't find a 1.5m. No change. Removed the SD cards. No change. I'm stumped.
  3. Thanks so much for your help. Now to find a short tether cable, feels more like a leash really🙂
  4. Looked at the articles and I think I've tried almost everything they suggested. I initially thought the issue was C1 but then I realized the computer wasn't recognizing the camera. I'll try connecting with the SD cards removed. That's one thing I haven't tried. It does say in the manual not to use a cable longer than 1.5 M, which eliminates much of the tethering advantage but the long cable I'm using works fine with my Desktop and the GFX 100 and with my three other Fuji bodies including the 50R connecting to the Yoga. Maybe the power loss into the Yoga is too much for it?
  5. Yes it does. I'll check out the articles. Thanks!
  6. No it doesn't make any difference, whether USB Card Reader, USB Tether Shooting Auto (the recommended setting for tethering in Capture One), USB Tether Shooting Fixed or even USB RAW Conv./Backup Restore.
  7. I have a Lenovo Yoga laptop. My XT-3, X100V, GFX 50R are recognized normally when I connect to the USB port. However my GFX 100 isn't recognized. I have tried using a different port. I have switched cables. My primary cable is a 15 ft Tether-Tools cable. I know this is long but I have no issues using this cable to connect the GFX 100 to my desktop. I have updated the Yoga BIOS and Windows 10. Windows Device Manager does not show issues with any of the USB hardware in the Yoga. I have tried a thumb drive in the USB ports and they are recognized normally. I have switched out the SD cards in the GFX. None of this has changed anything. This is preventing me from tethering to Capture One and is a real PITA. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions? Thanks Paul
  8. No this involves using tethered shooting and not the new GFX firmware focus bracketing.
  9. Sorry, the title should have said focus bracketing. Has anyone figured out how this works? I have tried using it and the focus point doesn't seem to move at all. What do they increments mean? How do you judge the number of images? There doesn't seem to be hardly any documentation that came with the firmware 3 upgrade.
  10. I'm not sure I need an X-pro 3 as I'm pretty happy with my 2. The 1 not so much. But if I had to put together a wish list I would want a better EVF. I love the tilt screen on my GFX so I would add that. Base ISO of 100 or lower would be nice but frankly I don't have a noise issue with the 2. I'm not sure I would chase pixel count. I've made great large prints with the 24 MP. I think the quality of Fuji lenses is more important than adding more pixels. That's what the GFX is for. Better battery performance would be a biggie. Better low light focusing would be good. I would like the AF-L button to be larger and project further like the AE-L button. Maybe a lock on the exposure comp dial like on the shutter speed. It is still too easy to inadvertently change it. And please let me add formatting to MY menu. That should be done on the 2 in firmware updates.
  11. I got the x-pro and using it with the V860 and AD200 in a small studio, the flashes will periodically change mode even though I haven't changed it on the X-Pro, When I have it set to M on the controller, the flashes may just switch to TTL. Very annoying. I'm going to try switching the X-pro to the short range mode and try a different channel in case there is some sort of interference. Anyone else experience this?
  12. Anyone have any good solutions, options. I do have the view camera adapter but it is very cumbersome dragging a view camera around.
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