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  1. No this involves using tethered shooting and not the new GFX firmware focus bracketing.
  2. Sorry, the title should have said focus bracketing. Has anyone figured out how this works? I have tried using it and the focus point doesn't seem to move at all. What do they increments mean? How do you judge the number of images? There doesn't seem to be hardly any documentation that came with the firmware 3 upgrade.
  3. I'm not sure I need an X-pro 3 as I'm pretty happy with my 2. The 1 not so much. But if I had to put together a wish list I would want a better EVF. I love the tilt screen on my GFX so I would add that. Base ISO of 100 or lower would be nice but frankly I don't have a noise issue with the 2. I'm not sure I would chase pixel count. I've made great large prints with the 24 MP. I think the quality of Fuji lenses is more important than adding more pixels. That's what the GFX is for. Better battery performance would be a biggie. Better low light focusing would be good. I would like the A
  4. I got the x-pro and using it with the V860 and AD200 in a small studio, the flashes will periodically change mode even though I haven't changed it on the X-Pro, When I have it set to M on the controller, the flashes may just switch to TTL. Very annoying. I'm going to try switching the X-pro to the short range mode and try a different channel in case there is some sort of interference. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Anyone have any good solutions, options. I do have the view camera adapter but it is very cumbersome dragging a view camera around.
  6. What is your work around? I can't find anything that keeps it as a raw file.
  7. Same as Patrick, how does focus bracketing work? Can find any explanation. Tried it in and just got a bunch of shots without and change.
  8. Hey Soboy, I am new too and sounds like we have a somewhat similar background. I started shooting Nikon's in the 60's as well, shot weddings with a D3 and D700 with big glass and speed lights, added digital MF with Pentax and finally decided I was too old to be carrying so much weight. I got the original x100 when it came out just because it stirred such nostalgia but finally last year I put all the Nikon and Pentax gear on eBay and now shoot all Fuji, all the time with X-Pro2, X-E3 and GFX. I love the analog handling, the weight, the glass and the image quality. And Fuji's responsiven
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