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  1. Auto-ISO ***is*** an auto setting, that's my point! Let me use a different approach to explain that this is a very annoying bug: set to M + auto-ISO, there's no way to make my image brighter or darker with either shutter speed or aperture, as auto-ISO levels out the exposure.
  2. Thanks for your reply, jerryy. I really appreciate your thinking along but I'm afraid your solution seems more cumbersome than shooting fully Manual, unfortunately 🙃 I think that -at least in my case- it would be better to shoot in 'A' with a 'minimum shutter speed' set in the auto-iso prefs. Then I would get the option of 'Exposure Compensation' back. And perhaps I can create a C1-setting with for example 1/250 'minimum shutter speed', C2 with 1/500, etc. for my needs. Still, the question remains: why would Fuji (deliberately or thoughtless) disable Exposure Correction while shooting in auto-ISO and Manual??
  3. I have an issue with Exposure Compensation when I set my XT4 or GFX100s to M (Manual shutter + aperture) and AUTO-ISO. I can set the shutter speed and aperture, but Exposure Compensation doesn't work. Why not?? The camera is still in an automatic mode (the ISO gets sets by the camera), so Exposure Compensation should just work IMHO. Or am I overlooking something, does anybody know a solution? I woud love to hear from you.
  4. Dave, that worked! I wasn't aware of that trick, thanks a million! 👍
  5. Unfortunately not, the command wheel turns from shortest time to longest time, no A in between.
  6. I've got my lens on A, iso on A, shutter dial on A. But the aperture is NOT set automatically, it stays stuck on whatever aperture I've set it at manually, using the command wheel. How do I turn my X-T4 into Program AE please?
  7. Fuji claims that the X100v can do tethered shooting with X-Acquire but I can't make it work. Hopefully someone here can help. In X-Acquire the option 'specify destination folder' stays greyed out (Backup/ Restore camera settings too) and ~30 seconds after I try to connect I get a popup error message saying 'PC SHOOT MODE is incorrect. Change PC SHOOT MODE to USB AUTO at the SETUP - CONNECTION SETTING menu of the camera.' The problem is that my X100v doesn't have this setting 'USB Auto' (or even PC SHOOT mode for that matter). I have 'SETUP -> CONNECTION SETTING -> PC CONNECTION MODE -> USB CARD READER /or/ X WEBCAM /or/ USB RAW CONV. On my X-T4 I *do* have this exact 'USB Auto' mode and that camera plays flawlessly with X-Acquire, same cable, usb-port etc. What am I doing wrong?? NOTE: MacBook Pro 2015 (OSX 10.13.6) running X-Acquire (very latest version), X100v on firmware 2.00 (upgraded yesterday as I couldn't make it work on firmware 1.10)
  8. For portraits: the 110mm is gorgeous at F2.0 and 2.8, best portrait lens I've ever had and I rate it 10/10. Everyone expects a lot from the new 80mm too. The 250mm is also really nice for portraits, 8,5/10. The 50mm is said to be slightly better than the 45mm which I have and rate 7,5/10. The 30mm I haven't used very much yet, 7-8/10 for the moment. The 63mm is OK but nothing really special, a 7/10. The 120mm is really sharp, could be good for landscape but a no-go for portraits. I had the 32-64mm, it's really sharp but has -imho- no character, 5/10. I really dislike zooms so I'm totally biased .
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