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  1. Kyrgyzstan, Kesken Bel pass, (XP-1 + 18-55 mm)
  2. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (XP-1 + XF18-55mm/ X10)
  3. Near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (XP-1 + XF 18-55mm + Jupiter 37A 135 mm)
  4. My best wishes to everybody here! I am kenito (Kenjebek Imangazievich TOKOCHEV) from beautiful mountain country Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. I am fond of photography since my school ages but began shoot seriously in 2009 with Nikon D300, when X-Pro 1 appeared at the horizon I immediately switched. And luckky to have this small camera. I like shoot our nature, people, everything interesting for me and show to people. Hope you will love my country seeing my pictures.
  5. Issyk-Kol lake, Kyrgyzstan: early morning (XP-1 + Jupiter 37A)
  6. Issyk-Kol lake, Kyrgyzstan : sunrise (X10)
  7. Issyk-Kol lake, Kyrgyzstan : sunset (XP-1 + Jupiter 37A)
  8. Issyk-Kol lake, Kyrgyzstan: sunrise (XP-1 + Jupiter 37A)
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