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  1. Hi guys, I am watching this for a while now. It frequently happens that IBIS is switched to "off" from time to time. Actually I want IBIS being constantly switched on "with shot only". So, I never touch the menu item after having it switched on. But then I frequently realized that it was switched off again. My first suspicion was with changing between Fuji lens and a vintage lens, that there might be some kind of trigger. Watched it, but there was no consistent behaviour. Did anyone of you observe this too? Best regards Christian
  2. SOLVED Found the solution myself. Been a Fuji-Newbie-mistake. But going to share in case someone else might be stuck with the same issue, too. Accidentally had placed front dial "USER SETTING -> BUTTON DIAL SETTING -> ISO DIAL SETTING (A)" to "COMMAND". Changed "ISO DIAL SETTING (A)" to "AUTO" and Auto ISO works properly again. Sorry for waisting your time.
  3. Hi there, There is just one thing left were I still struggle with my XH1. This is the Auto ISO function. The automatic function seems not to go beyond selecting ISO 500. My ISO AUTO settings are: DEFAULT SENSITIVITY 200 MAX. SENSITIVITY 12800 MIN. SHUTTER SPEED 1/30 (Auto 1), 1/120 (Auto 2), 1/500 (Auto 3) ISO wheel set to "A". Manual focussing and aperture. After taking a series of shots, at the same time changing light conditions and/or choosing another point for measuring exposure, I realized that the automatic had chosen ISO 500 for ALL of them. Independent of the light situation, aperture or shutter speed. With some being obviously underexposed at the preferred aperture of f/8 or f/5.6, Auto-ISO still did not increase ISO, so I had to stop down to f/2.8 needing to make a choice between depth and exposure. As far as I remember I had tried both, automatic shutter speed and manually selected after realizing that Auto-SIO was stuck at 500. So, should not have been the point but just to be sure ... Does Auto-ISO work only with shutter speed being on "A"? The manual is not clear on that. In my naive understanding a manually selected shutter speed should simply override the MIN. SHUTTER SPEED value. But even if this would have been the issue, it is not clear to me why generally ISO 500 of all ISOs was auto-selected for very different light situations? Any idea? Best regards Christian
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