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  1. Good morning all , hope you are doing well.

    Im wondering if anyone may be able to assist, im trying to set up bot my xh1 and xt30 to have the screen split when in manual focus.

    I just cant seem to find the setting. I can get a square in the center but not when the display separates into 2 screens.

    Ive had a look at the manual but no help , so im wondering if anyone might suggest what i might try.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi everyone firstly thanx for the help in advance.

    I have an xh1 and an XT30 , on my xh1 when shooting video I can take my shutter to 8fps but I can seem to do the same on my XT30 can anyone perhaps assist.

    I'm going away on a trip and trying to decide which camera to take .

    Hope you having a great day.


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