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  1. I love my X-T20. It’s the best camera I’ve ever bought - except for one thing: since I bought it 15 months ago I’ve had to have the sensor cleaned three times. Previously, I’ve had a LUMIX G3 and G6 and never had to get them cleaned at all. I know getting the sensor cleaned is an occupational hazard for mirrorless camera owners but I don’t use this camera any more than those, so have I just been unlucky or is there something about the design of the X-T20 that makes it particularly vulnerable to dust and dirt?
  2. Help! My X-T20 is steamed up! I am in SE Asia and it is the end of the wet season and I did have it in a cool air-conditioned hotel room last night but, whenever I've had steamed-up cameras before in these circumstances, they always un-steam in about half an hour. In fact, the camera steamed up yesterday but then the condensation went after 30 minutes when it was back in warm air. Today is no more humid than yesterday but it just won't un-steam. Anyone ever had the same problem and managed to solve it, short of getting the sensor cleaned. I'm in a part of the world where that's not really possible.
  3. I'm loving my new X-T20 except that, every so often , a small black blob appears on my photos. It's not on every photo. Take a look at these two. They were taken two days apart and, in between, the black blob disappeared, only to reappear - less dark but in the same place. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm trying to get my Macbook to connect with my Fuji X-T20. I've downloaded the PC Autosave software on my Macbook. Then it says you must "configure your computer as a destination for images copied from the camera" I can't find any instructions anywhere as to how I do this. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Zenith and Doug. Now I get it. My last camera was a Lumix G6 which let you switch to manual focus even though you had it set on automatic for everything else. It sounds as though what's your suggesting does exactly the same thing, except that you've also got the option of A+M, which sounds great and means I'll end up using manual focus a lot more often. Can't wait to get home from work and play with the camera! Regards Roger
  6. I took my brand new X-T20 out of the box today, so this is a post from an ignorant Newby and apologies for that. After switching the manual focus switch on the front of the camera, it still won't go into manual focus unless I also switch the Auto Mode Selector Lever on the top of the camera off "A". I think I must be doing something wrong. Surely I must be able to leave the camera in auto mode but still manually focus it? Or have I been playing around with something in the menu and switched something off by mistake? Please help a Newby!
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