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    rsn48 got a reaction from johant in Amateur upgrading from X-E1, T1 users please   
    I just bought a used X T1 about a month ago and three used lenses.  You can't tell from looking at the gear that anything was purchased used.  Most amateurs don't use their gear that much so don't hesitate to purchase "previously owned" items. The only thing I do that many don't is I purchase used locally so I can inspect the items (in a well peopled area like McDonald's) to ensure they indeed work. I have two full frame Canon cameras which I use for certain situations.  My Fuji camera is more my kick around tool, meaning it is used more than my other gear.
    I bought the Original Digital Rebel (Canon) with its 6 megapixels which were enough until it came to cropping. I'm on the "lets crop" side of the argument, taking any photograph is a crop of reality, so a crop of a photography is really a  crop of a crop. My next camera was the Rebel XSi with 12 megapixels, crops held up much better with this number of pixels.  I would have died for 16 megapixels back in the day.  Don't sweat the 16 megapixels, more than adequate.  My Canon 5D 4 has 30 megapixels but also a larger sensor.
    I've read this but don't know how accurate it is, but the author noted that for increases in megapixels to count, they needed to be doubled.  So to really make a difference from 16 megapixels, 30 - 32 megapixels would make a difference.  24 megapixels is only an increase of 50 %. As others have noted, unless you are blowing up and printing large images, you'll be well served with 16 megapixels. The X T1 doesn't have anti-aliasing which renders a sharper image than some sensors with more pixels.
    Spend the money you saved purchasing a used camera to buy glass as well, preferably used glass. I have recently bought the 14 mm f2.8, 35 mm f2 WR  and the 50 mm f2 WR, all used, all looking brand new.  And extra "stuff" is added to used items, with one lens I also received its filter, and the Fuji grip for the X T1, another lens threw in some extra batteries.  The camera came with the protective glass added and a better strap.
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    rsn48 reacted to loforweb in A simple way to expose for street photography with the X100F   
    It took me some time for to find out my way regarding exposition / photometry with  the X100F for street photography. I wanted to share !
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    rsn48 reacted to Jomon in One of the last wedding we did with XT1   
    Switched to XT2 late last year. XT1 was the camera that made me switched from Canon SLR to Fuji. I have not regretted my decision. Here is one of the last weddings we did with XT1 last year. I still don't get some of the latest reviews I've read that said the XT2 is not good enough for weddings. The XT1 was good enough for me!
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