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  1. On my system (Mac Pro-Sierra) everything is in order with CO Pro 10
  2. An easy way to rename the profiles and use them afterwards is as follows: Copy the profiles in the Color Sync Folder (Mac) Apply the desired profile to a picture taken with the selected camera (X-Pro2 for instance) from Base Characteristics/ICC Profiles/Fuji/XT-1 Open the Advanced Color editor Save as Icc profile giving a useful name (the correct camera name is already there) The profiles saved in such a way will be immediately available under Base Characteristics and a preview will be also available going with the mouse over the profile name.
  3. The above is not true: Iridient does have automatic lens correction and gives you also the possibility to choose the source : metadata (default) or LCP if available.
  4. Thank you, so it is not a problem with my camera/lens.
  5. I have just started using a new 35 1:2 on the X-Pro 2 with the OVF and the Corrected AF Frame activated. I noticed that the short distance frame with this lens is placed farther from the long distance frame compared with the 35 1:1.4 and it is also smaller. According to the camera Owners Manual the short distance frame is supposed to be placed in a position corresponding to approx 50 cm focussing distance but I suspect that with this lens it is placed at the minimum focussing distance (35 cm) which makes a huge difference. Has anybody else observed the same? Thanks
  6. I had it once at the very beginning, the file format was reverted from raw to jpeg as well as an other setting I do no remember, but date/time/language did not. I suspect this happened due to the internal battery not yet being duly charged, and anyhow it did not happened again since then.
  7. Delete first and then command dial, while keeping delete button pressed.
  8. I have the X-Pro 2 since few hours but it is pretty evident that the AF is considerably faster than the X-T1 which I also have. So far I have only used the Touit 32/1.8 which is not a fast focusing lens.
  9. I began with the X-Pro 1 but the AF for me was not good enough and even if I was in love with the hybrid viewfinder I sold it and replaced with the X-T1. I cannot wait now to try the X Pro-2.
  10. I do not want to encourage anybody, but, just to share my personal experience, I have installed the Fujileaks FW 4.0 early this morning (Central Europe Time) and I have used it all the day without any trouble and with much satisfaction. I do not know if the final official version will be different and, if this is the case I will be able to install it over the Fujileaks version, but after this test really I do not care.
  11. And after all, if there was a leak, it was because Fuji was not able to set up appropriate protecting measures.
  12. I have been a FW beta tester for other (non Fuji) cameras, and reverting back to a previous FW version has never been a problem.
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