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  1. betty

    Strange noise in photos

    I had the same problem with my X-T20 last August. (Camera just 6 months old). After speaking with Fuji, I sent it off to them. They replaced the sensor. No explanation though!
  2. betty

    X-T20 Back Button Focus

    Thanks for the advice.
  3. I love my Fuji X-T20 but as a beginner to ‘real’ photography I am on a learning journey. As suggested on various internet sites, I have set my camera up for Back Button Focus and am trying to get used to it. Please could someone clarify one thing for me? Does the focus lock when the BBF button is pressed once or do I have to hold it down all the time before pressing the shutter button? I have done some sample shots and it would appear to hold the focus but the AFL label only shows on the screen when I hold the BBF button down. I have tried with main focus set to both S & C What would be your advice re BBF? Thanks