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  1. Hello, I am having some trouble with my ERF function on my XPRO 2. It really started after I implemented the 4.00 update so I'm wondering if that has caused it. Since then I have done the 4.01 update and the problem still persists. After doing a lot of google searches (and forum searches) I found that most people this happened to solved it by setting the AF to "Single Point," so I did the same and the ERF still does NOT function. Just to be clear the front switch DOES toggle between OVF and EVF with no problem, when I push the switch to the left (toward the lens) the ERF no longer does anything. I tried to reset everything via the Menu and that did no help either. Are there any other settings I should know about to get the ERF to pop up in the corner, or that would keep it from functioning? Or is there a way to factory reset (resetting firmware as well) utilizing more than the options in the menu? Hope someone else out there can help! Thanks, Jacob
  2. Hello! My name is Jacob. I live (born and raised) in Austin Texas and I've been photographing weddings for nearly a decade now. I used Canon up until this past October when I got my Fuji Xpro 2. I am impressed to say the least and am looking forward to all of the learning I will surely do. It's great to find such an extensive amount of information in one place and I am happy to be here.
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