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  1. I love my X-Pro2 but I would not "upgrade" to the X-Pro3, I don't like the flippy screen and definitely not the way it has been implemented. I don't like the rubbery finish. The X-Pro was supposed to be the leading edge APS-C camera but clearly that is the X-T4 or possibly the X-H2 very soon. To me the X-Pro is the right size but has been forgotten. I really don't want an SLR anymore but to me the X-Pro3 misses the mark. So has it been a success compared to the X-Pro2? I am wondering if the replacement will return to amore conventional X-Pro2 style format without the gimmicks.
  2. Is there something wrong with your camera those are all sharp?
  3. I never bought the earlier models as they just did not offer enough pixels to crop images. Today we can buy the LX100 which is a floored camera. The XF10 is fixed and to be honest the latest phones will give it a run for its money. Is there any chance of an X40 or XF zoom?
  4. It is interesting to see the prices of the X10/20/30 are about the same as X100 version 1. I can only assume that this is down to the fact the the zoom is desirable. I wonder why fuji does not do a pocket camera like the X20 with a zoom. Sony and Panasonic do very well in this area yet Fuji pulled out.
  5. I am going to Tokyo soon and will take the 10-24, 23mm F2 and 55-200. However I think that this is still a heavy kit to take traveling and ideally I would take the following kit, not all of which I own:- 10-24mm, 35mm F2 and the Minolta Rocker-M 90mm F4 with the Fuji M adapter. This to me is a great travel kit. The 10-24 is the only zoom I would need, the 35F2 is a great standard lens and the Minolta CLE 90mm F4 whilst fully manual is astonishlingy sharp, light and compact. Sadly I sold me 90mm F4 and a full set of filters when I sold my CLE (What a mistake!), I will replace it.
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