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  1. I have seen nothing here at all about an X-Pro4 is such a thing in the roadmap? It seem to me that the focus seems to be on the H camera and the GFX. I think that the X-Pro 3 was not a good design unlike the X-Pro2 and so has not sold well. It does not mean that there is no demand for this format it just means they simply got the market wrong. Some people will love their X-Pro3 but I thin that they are in the minority and that is why a lot of X-Pro2 users have not upgraded.
  2. So, Panasonic have discontinued the LX100M2, Sony have not updated the RX1R for years and Fuji discontinued the X10/20/30. Small really nice quality cameras seem to be on the way out. I think it is such a shame I used to love my Contax T3. I know that this is partially because of the modern mobile phone but I also blame the camera companies for not designing a camera that fits the bill. The nearest to what I would like to own is the LX100M2 but as many people know this camera had problems with sealing from dust particles. The camera I would like to see would be a Fuji x100 with a short range zoom lens. Something like a 24-60 (equivalent range), I know is it would be quite pocketable it it would be so desirable. The last such quality camera was the Leica X Vario. I think it’s failing we’re the size of the lens when switched off. A new camera would need to be designed so that the physical size was more moderate like the LX100.
  3. I love my X-Pro2 but I would not "upgrade" to the X-Pro3, I don't like the flippy screen and definitely not the way it has been implemented. I don't like the rubbery finish. The X-Pro was supposed to be the leading edge APS-C camera but clearly that is the X-T4 or possibly the X-H2 very soon. To me the X-Pro is the right size but has been forgotten. I really don't want an SLR anymore but to me the X-Pro3 misses the mark. So has it been a success compared to the X-Pro2? I am wondering if the replacement will return to amore conventional X-Pro2 style format without the gimmicks.
  4. Is there something wrong with your camera those are all sharp?
  5. I never bought the earlier models as they just did not offer enough pixels to crop images. Today we can buy the LX100 which is a floored camera. The XF10 is fixed and to be honest the latest phones will give it a run for its money. Is there any chance of an X40 or XF zoom?
  6. It is interesting to see the prices of the X10/20/30 are about the same as X100 version 1. I can only assume that this is down to the fact the the zoom is desirable. I wonder why fuji does not do a pocket camera like the X20 with a zoom. Sony and Panasonic do very well in this area yet Fuji pulled out.
  7. I am going to Tokyo soon and will take the 10-24, 23mm F2 and 55-200. However I think that this is still a heavy kit to take traveling and ideally I would take the following kit, not all of which I own:- 10-24mm, 35mm F2 and the Minolta Rocker-M 90mm F4 with the Fuji M adapter. This to me is a great travel kit. The 10-24 is the only zoom I would need, the 35F2 is a great standard lens and the Minolta CLE 90mm F4 whilst fully manual is astonishlingy sharp, light and compact. Sadly I sold me 90mm F4 and a full set of filters when I sold my CLE (What a mistake!), I will replace it.
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