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  1. I'm looking at the X-H1 in a completely different light than anyone else, I think; I'm mating the body with small, lightweight, manual focus lenses and so far I think it's working. Yes, the camera has some heft but it feels right for the purpose the camera was designed for, as do all the Fuji X cams; they've found a great balance of sturdiness while still being a hell of a lot less weighty than a DSLR. It's quite a magic trick and my hat's off to the Fuji designers. I love my X-Pro 2 as well. Leica who?
  2. Nice, I went through college with this lens on the front of my Leica M2 - for street photography it was perfect. I could keep the whole set up in my pocket and focus by feel before it ever came out.
  3. Don't ask me how I know but I know. It's out in December, not September as many rumors said. It is 24MP. I'm getting one.
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