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  1. I have found the You Tube tutorials from Maarten Heilbron most useful - link here:
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    I have the X-H1, with grip and latest firmware, and it froze on me a fortnight ago. Nothing critical - just taking some pics of my new granddaughter at a family lunch. I unscrewed the grip, screwed it back on and everything was fine. Don't know if I would be so sanguine had I been shooting something mission critical for a client - like 'the kiss' at a wedding! It's still a very good camera with a terrific shutter and ergonomics. Is it as good as the X-T3, which I also have? Horses for courses - on the H1, IBIS - good for low light and non-OIS lenses - excellent handling, more robust, the shutter which I have mentioned - on the T3, faster AF-C, better video. If I had to choose one? I'd go with the X-T3. Good luck with your decision! Chris
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    External Mic ?

    I use an AKG lavalier through one channel of my Zoom H6, and a Beyerdynamics mic/headset through another, with the Zoom H6 acting as pre-amp, into my H1. (Zoom H6 line out into H1 mic port.) Three things I've picked up along the way. First, the quality of the cable linking the Zoom H6 to H1 is very important: I was using crappy cheap cables, which caused all sorts of problems. Bought a top-of-the range one - much improved. Second, take the gain on the H1's External Mic Level Adjustment setting as low as you can - I have mine on -27dB - and adjust the levels on your external pre-amp. Third, I was using OK quality ear buds to monitor the sound from the headphone jack on the H1's grip - very poor. But when I switched to a decent set of studio quality headphones, I found that I was, in fact, getting very good sound after all. Remember also to turn Internal Mic Level Adjustment off. End result, as I say, excellent quality sound and no lock-ups or any other problems. FWIW, I have tried using the automatic setting and found it fairly useless. Good luck! Chris
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