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    All aspects of Photography. Football, the outdoors, reading, fine ales and fine Malts, the usual.

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  1. Going through my growing pile of editing, here are a couple from a recent visit to Krakow.
  2. I had a wander around Glasgow the other day there. Using the various settings of my X-T10.
  3. Two more, Holyrood Palace & Cockburn St Gurner
  4. My wife and I venture into Edinburgh for a wander from time to time. Captured these monos on my X-T10.
  5. Sorry, the image doesn't appear to have attached?
  6. Was down Brighton recently, armed with my X-T10, managed to capture a few images of your English weather.
  7. Dougie

    My Gallery

    Varied images made using my Fuji X-T10 with 16-55mm.
  8. Hi all, Dougie from West Lothian, Scotland. Photography my passion and stress reliever. Long time Canon user, but bought an X-T10 with 16-55mm, discovering it is an amazing camera. Hope to get adding some images soon as.
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