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  1. Thanks, Sachafilms. That's what I was feeling a bit frustrated to find out - few reviewers, if any, seem to have given us a "state of the X-H1 2019" message. The current price reduction is attractive, and for my purposes the camera does seem ideal.
  2. My work requires that I start shooting video. As an X-T20 user, the X-H1 seems the obvious upgrade. I shoot in crowded venues where IBIS is highly preferable to a gimbal or stabilizer: school classrooms, music and theater rehearsals, stage events, social gatherings, etc. I am concerned about issues with focus hunting that have been reported in actual field tests, e.g., this review: Fuji X-H1 revisited after longer use: Auto Focus for video & more… - YouTube I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts on this. Are their settings or workarounds to make continuous focus, focus tracking, and touch focusing less prone to hunting? The only other alternative seems to be a Sony A6500 or A7III, neither of which evokes the sightest enthusiasm! I am in love with the Fuji colors and ergonomics. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Thanks Greybeard. I suspect I wasn't seeing it because the scene had extreme contrast - brightly lit statues surrounded by pitch-black night. Reaching for the variable ND filter.
  4. I'd like to be able to film night scenes with bright objects in them - exposure compensation is absolutely required. Yet it seems to be disabled in movie mode on the X-T20. Can't find an explanation in the user manual. Can anyone tell me if it's possible? Thanks!
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