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  1. Thanks, Sachafilms. That's what I was feeling a bit frustrated to find out - few reviewers, if any, seem to have given us a "state of the X-H1 2019" message. The current price reduction is attractive, and for my purposes the camera does seem ideal.
  2. My work requires that I start shooting video. As an X-T20 user, the X-H1 seems the obvious upgrade. I shoot in crowded venues where IBIS is highly preferable to a gimbal or stabilizer: school classrooms, music and theater rehearsals, stage events, social gatherings, etc. I am concerned about issues with focus hunting that have been reported in actual field tests, e.g., this review: Fuji X-H1 revisited after longer use: Auto Focus for video & more… - YouTube I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts on this. Are their settings or workarounds to make continuous focus, focus t
  3. Thanks Greybeard. I suspect I wasn't seeing it because the scene had extreme contrast - brightly lit statues surrounded by pitch-black night. Reaching for the variable ND filter.
  4. I'd like to be able to film night scenes with bright objects in them - exposure compensation is absolutely required. Yet it seems to be disabled in movie mode on the X-T20. Can't find an explanation in the user manual. Can anyone tell me if it's possible? Thanks!
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