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  1. Hi all, Today I walked into my local camera store and part exchanged my nikon gear (d7100, 35mm and 18-105 zoom) for a fuji xt1, 35mm and used 50-230. I've spent ages deliberating the switch, following fuji rumours and comparing lens systems. After a holiday away dragging my dslr plus paraphernalia for three kids I decided enough was enough. More often then not I've been leaving it behind due to its size and weight. Tomorrow I'm off to a friends wedding and I will just take the 35mm with me. I wouldn't even consider doing this with my dslr, partly because maybe I'm a tad vein and it would ruin the look of my nice outfit....the fuji is a different story though. I'm an amateur who fell back in love with photography after forcing myself to take on a 365 project. Kids travel and landscapes are my main subjects. Looking forward to meeting other users and picking up advice on here. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend.
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