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  1. You can download the free Express version of Capture One for Fuji now. https://www.phaseone.com/en/Capture-One/Capture-One-Fujifilm.aspx
  2. How long would Fuji stay in business, building cameras for cheerleaders instead of buyers? A third system would divert resources away from their existing systems, which still need more new lenses to fill out the lineups.
  3. Don't waste your money (or risk damaging your camera) with the third-party batteries; most of them don't work very well.
  4. Fuji's linear motors in some lenses also make a constant noise, which is similar to the IBIS noise. An external mic is always better than an internal mic, no matter what camera you're using. It seems the only thing the internal mic is good for is syncing audio with an external recorder.
  5. GPS is the only feature that interests me... image transfer is pretty much useless since I only ever shoot RAW. It's very frustrating that the X-H1 refuses to connect with my iPhone in either WiFi or Bluetooth.
  6. Another one from last fall... GFX and 32-64mm f4 @ 64mm, 2 seconds at f/16
  7. Thanks - I was just trying to clarify, since you never actually said you bought Fuji batteries with your camera. Battery grip problems are quite common with other camera brands as well, but it's usually from using the cheap third-party batteries. I've never had an issue with my VPB-XT2 - knock on wood...
  8. Are these problems occurring with the correct Fuji NP-W126S batteries, or only with third-party knock-offs?
  9. My most-used lens is the XF 10-24mm f4. I wish it was weather-sealed, particularly since I live in a very rainy climate. The upcoming 8-16mm f2.8 WR won't accept filters, so it's not really a viable option for my photography; I may just have to pick up a second 10-24 in case the first one drowns...
  10. Looking at the photos in the linked article, it appears to me that the backgrounds were blurred in PhotoShop. I've owned every version of the Canon 70-200mm f2.8L zoom, and none of them could render a background that looks like those examples. If you look closely, you can see a strange dark "halo" around the main subject in each image where it was masked off so the rest of the image could be selectively blurred. If that's the case, you could certainly achieve the same effect with the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8. And don't forget, there is no difference in depth of field between the Fuji lens and the Canon lens if you use them at the same aperture, focal length, and subject distance.
  11. My least-used (or non-used) features are: 1) WiFi 2) Filters 3) anything associated with JPEG files The 4K video on the X-T2 is one of the reasons I switched from Canon...
  12. One of my first shots with the GFX 50S and 23mm f4, from a few months ago
  13. Just use the 0.79x multiplier to convert the lens focal length to the 35mm-equivalent angle of view on the GFX. Contax made some nice longer lenses that aren't available from Fuji yet, so they are a viable option - assuming the Fringer adapter works as advertised.
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