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  1. Thanks! Will try that. I almost always shoot at f1.7 to get that nice bokeh effect. I'll upload a sample shot as soon as I can. Thanks again for your help!
  2. I just set everything to manual since manual lenses can't communicate with the camera itself. I used single point tracking instead of wide tracking as I have read that might be the problem but I still get the same results. I have shaky hands and I've read that the XT20 doesn't have an image stabilizer so I don't know if that could be the problem? But what confuses me is that when I use manual focus on my fuji lenses, they come out sharp enough. Not as sharp as shots taken with autofocus, but decent enough. The manual lenses also come out sharp when I use a hand grip with remote shutter so I guess it could just be because of my shaky hands?
  3. I always get blurry shots when I use a fully manual lens on my X-T20. I have focus peaking activated and when I view it from the EVF, it seems really sharp but when I actually take the shot, it comes out blurry. I don't have this problem with the X-A3. What could I be doing wrong with the X-T20? For reference, I use Meike 35mm f1.7, meike 50mm f2, 7artisans 25mm f1.8, and samyang 12mm f2
  4. I don't recall exactly but it's either 15 or 20 secs and the ISO at 1250-3500 I think. Tried a bunch of combos and checked which one looked better on the screen
  5. I think yeah. How can I avoid this from happening again? The settings for my picture is in either Fine or Normal but definitely not Raw. Should I just use Fine+Raw or Normal+Raw instead? Tried adjusting the highlights and shadows but the stars still won't show
  6. I'm not sure about the screen preview adjustment. It's probably still in its default settings as I haven't changed anything yet. Will try exposure bracketing on my next shoot. Hopefully what I see on the screen will be the same as when I transfer the photo on my pc. Thing is though, I only see the stars on the pc when it's zoomed in. Do you think I could maybe just resize the pic or is there any way that I can zoom out the original pic? Thanks!
  7. I've tried editing the photo in Lightroom but no matter what I do, the stars just won't show up. Not as clear as the ones on camera anyway. On the computer, I have to really zoom in just to see them. I used a manual focus, third party lens for this. Tried using the kit lens for astrophotography but the same thing happens. I live in the city and shot this from my balcony, pointing the camera upwards, but there are city lights everywhere. I wonder if that could be the problem?
  8. Hi, I took some pictures of the night sky last night and I could clearly see the stars on my xa3's screen but when I transfered the photos to my phone via the camera remote app, I can't really see them anymore. Same thing happened when I copied the photos from my sd card to my computer. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, astrophotography noob here. I've tried taking photographs of the night sky last night and I can see the stars clearly on the screen of my X-A3 but when I transfered the photos to my phone, they're not visible. I've tried connecting my camera to my tv via hdmi just to see if it will show but still the same thing. It will only show up on my camera but not anywhere else. Can anyone help me?
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