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  1. I generally like the iso dial on my new X-Pro2, and am quite used to it now. I especially like it during daylight hours. Shooting at night though, I miss dialing in the iso using a function button (as I can do using my X100T, or older XE2). Ideally in a future firmware update we would be given the option to reassign the iso to a Fn button if and when needed. Would that not give us the best of both worlds?
  2. Hello from Ottawa Canada. I am an avid Fuji user, with both an XE-2 and X 100T (replacing an X 100). My interests are primarily sports photography (I still use a Canon Mk IV for sports most of the time) and active living imagery (for which I use the Fuji cameras). Hopefully the long awaited for X Pro 2 will put me in a position to do all my photography, including sports, with Fuji gear. I am attaching a couple of my favorite active living images in case anyone out there is interested, one from each of my Fuji cameras. (paddler and dog taken from my kayak, holding X 100 at water level ; snowshoe shot taken with XE-2 and 18 - 55 zoom ).
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