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  1. photobob

    Should I trade in my XT1 for an XT3

    I'm in the second year with my X-T2 and when I saw the reviews of the X-T3 I saw a few things that peaked my interest too. But after considering my shooting needs , I did not think the upgrade would make me a better photographer. Like you, I don't do video. But the advantage over the X-T1 could be significant depending on your photographic needs (not wants) . The16 mpx of the X-T1 really is enough for great prints of 16 x 20 +. Coming from Pentax, all X series cameras focus much faster and more accurate . I also rarely use the boost mode, only needed for fast action. If you shoot a lot of low light photography, you, and I, could benefit from the improved sensors lower noise at higher ISO, but low noise is relative ( see the attached image I took, as a guest, at a wedding . ISO 12,800 with the 18-55 f2.8-4). As long as you are satisfied with your results stop chasing gear. The next camera will always be better than the last...………. I am waiting for the new camera with auto composition. That could help. Keep shooting
  2. May not be a issue but I seem to have one. I have a circular polarizer that I previously used with my Pentax System. Since changing to Fujiffilm when I use it on my XT2 the effect is uneven across the frame. I use a good Tiffin filter , but it is not one of the newest with all of the coatings. Could this be related to the X trans Sensor? My previous had a Bayer configuration. If this is not a usual issue I will submit a few images for review...….before I spend big bucks on B+W or another high end brand.
  3. Thanks for the comments. SW Rick seems to share the frustration I have with DXO . It has always been my choice for noise reduction (Prime) and once a file is converted to a DNG you would think it would be easily read......agreed it's their loss. Thanks Graflex ( I use to use one) . Your right about not getting worked up since most of my work is event, street, travel and candid portrait, I have not noticed . But I am getting more involved with landscape work so I will start saving the RAF's which I have discarded in the past. The included photo gives a good indication of the issue. When I encountered it I just added a little " Clarity" in camera raw. Going back to using my Graflex 4 x 5 or my RB-67 , I look at a few of the commercial images I produced with them now, and they don't compare to the IQ produced with the crop sensor in the X-T2. Those who are reaching their photographic maturity in the digital age are fortunate to be working with this equipment . The" nit picking" on image quality will only make it better. Bob 😁
  4. I have been shooting Fuji X (T-2) for about 18 month and generally shoot Raw +. I use the JPEG most of the time since they are outstanding. After communicating with DXO on why they don't support the XT they basically said it was because of the X tran sensor and their algorithms are designed for the Bayer array. I used the DXO prime noise reduction when needed. Since I still use stand alone Photoshop CS-6 it will also not open my Raw Files. My previous system was Pentax and I shot in Adobe DNG with satisfactory results. The DNG ,being a universal file format gave me confidence that it will be around. So my current workflow is to convert my RAF files to DNG and I am happy with the results.... but after reading about conversion on this forum, I would like to know what I am missing by not using the converters usually discussed. When I first got the Fujifilm X t2 I made and compared images from the Raw files converted with the Fujifilm software and those files converted with the Adobe DNG Converter and did not notice any difference in the output quality, so I am curious why the users are using the other available conversion software? Photobob (Bob H)
  5. photobob

    charge batteries and batteries

    I have used both OEM and aftermarket batteries since I went digital over10 years ago. I find that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will generally provide more exposures and last longer than after market. However the cost difference is a major factor and I can usually buy 5 or more aftermarket for less than 1 OEM so I generally buy aftermarket. I date & number my batteries and use them in order .Some aftermarket batteries advertise higher mAh (Milli ampere hours) that would indicate longer performance, but I never noticed a difference. I have had a XT-2 for about 2 years and have used 2 brands of aftermarket batteries with no performance issues , however I noticed a couple of my BONACELL batteries did not release as easily when ejecting them from the camera. So I made a closer inspection and found a very slight swelling so I discarded them . Other of the same brand are working fine. The average cost was $5 and they were almost 2 years old. I replaced them with KASTAR brand. So far so good. Virtually all batteries are made in China and only a few manufacturers, so it is a matter of branding , it can be a "crap shoot" unless you can find out who makes the OEM brand. Battery technologies are not secrets. Keep them charged and inspect them and you are not likely to have serious issues. Hope this helps …………...Bob
  6. Sounds to me like you have something in the hole. Check closely to make sure. If not, it is not likely that all three releases are bad. I just checked my XT-2 and I have a few different brands of 2.5 mm jack releases and they all work. The contact points in the hole are likely just flexed metal for the side and that can be flexed too much and lose contact. Try wiggling the plug when you engage the shutter button. If all else fails consider getting a remote trigger that fits the USB (small part) or go truly retro and get a cable release. Either one of these work-arounds would likely be much cheaper than having the socket replaced. Good luck...…….Bob
  7. photobob


    great use of midday light....all light is good light
  8. photobob

    Things I dont like about my X- T2

    Hi Mike I meant 29 Celsius, which I believe is 85 Fahrenheit , It is cool at night and hot in the daytime here in the desert.
  9. photobob

    Things I dont like about my X- T2

    Mike , ill be in London next week...... It was the only way to get tickets to Hamilton. And visit my kid. However leaving 29c temps in Arizona, for London & Leeds (I wonder) You are right, but it is natural to compare and to change practices when they make sense. It took me years to adopt rear button focus, and I used it for the last year on my Pentax K-3, however those little buttons on the rear of the X-T2 made it difficult to continue the practice. But the X-T2 focuses so much faster ,switching back to shutter button focus was no big deal. Each time I take it out I learn something new. As I said in a earlier post, I switched systems mostly to drop weight. I just weighed my gear for the trip and it is less than half of what I use to travel with
  10. photobob

    Things I dont like about my X- T2

    Thanks for the responses especially jlmphotos . ​Right about one thing as you use a system it gets easier.... it took a while to format the cards without searching the menus, but now I 've got it. Although I complained about the shutter button height , it was more defined than other cameras I have owned. Just nit picking. I retired from the business years ago and reclaimed my amateur status . When digital came around I couldn't resist taking a few jobs as long as my knees held out. Now I 'm shooting mostly for pleasure and some volunteer event coverage . Sold all of the big heavy stuff and now have a X-T2 and 3 zooms covering 10 - 200 mm also a cheap fisheye. I dropped over half the weight and am having twice the fun. The X-T2 is, hands down, the best camera I've ever owned. High ISO's make available light the preferred method of most casual photographers. Unfortunately many talented photographers are ignoring the use of flash, which when mastered can make huge difference , especially in portraiture.
  11. photobob

    exposure comp not working in manual mode

    Also relatively new to Fuji , but as stated manual mode requires you to adjust exposure by using the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. I shot full manual with Pentax before making the jump to the X-T2, but I sometimes now shoot near full auto because it will make the same decision I would make in manual. I will usually want to set my ISO as low as I can. It's possible I'm just getting lazy.
  12. The Fujifilm X-T2 is the best camera I ever had but there are things that I don’t like about it: First: Too many options. This may seem like an advantage, but to me it causes confusion especially if you inadvertently tune in a option during a shoot and need to search the menus to figure out how to turn back to your preference. The more I get familiar with the camera this is likely to be less of a problem. Second: Battery life & Battery cost. Battery does not last very long even with many settings to conserve life. The cost of the OEM battery is very high. Aftermarket batteries are cheap but don’t last quite as long. I need at least 2 or 3 batteries for an average shoot. I have 7. 1 OEM and 6 after market. This is an issue with most mirrorless based on small battery size and with more power needs. Coming from a Pentax K3 which gave me about 550 shots even with a cheap battery and regular “chimping”. Third: The right front function button is activated too easily by picking the camera up. Fortunately you can disable the button, which I did. Fourth: Using rear button focus method is cumbersome due to the small size and placement of the AF-L and AE-L button when programed and the focus is disabled on the shutter button. I did go back to focus on the shutter button, but I programed the AF-L button to lock focus until pressed again (a feature I like a lot as long as I remember to press it to unlock focus). Also this does not reset when the camera is turned off, I’m not sure how I feel about this part yet. Fifth: I keep the camera in Eye sensor + EVF only mode to conserve battery (Re-learning not to “Chimp”). I think there should be an override when searching the menu so it shows on the rear display when menu is selected. Sixth: The shutter button height should be raised. I tried the little button, people are purchasing, to raise the height but lost it the first day. Also when turning on by pressing the button it often makes an exposure. I guess I would rather deal with this than a slow recovery. Seventh: EVF a bit too much contrast. Not a big deal once I got used to it and realized the highlights would be ok in exposure. The rear screen gives much better representation of the actual tonal range. Eighth: Setting the camera for use with manual flash requires setting to manual then turning preview exposure off. Why this can’t be done with a manual flash setting that automatically sets this. This is also hard to decipher from the manual. I did find the information on YouTube. Ninth: I am prone to leave a card in the computer then pick up the camera and go shooting. Then I am told there is no card in the camera and the camera won’t shoot until I either add a second card or select sequential in the menu. Why? In closing my first mirrorless was a Samsung NX-10 that I sometimes used with an adaptor and Pentax lenses . The image quality was OK (14 mpxls) but the refresh rate and EVF were awful. The size and weight were the advantages but the limitations were not enough to keep it from E-bay. The Fujifilm X-T2 is likely the last system I will own. And I’m OK with that.
  13. photobob

    Image Display

    I'm new with the XT-2 also and I have gone to evf+ eye sensor and am no longer chimping. I started using this method to conserve battery power and like the mirrorless WYSIWYG in the viewfinder. Enjoy your XT-2 ........ I think it is the best camera I've ever owned. The image quality is far superior to the medium format film cameras I used in the 70's through 90's as a working pro.
  14. photobob

    New X-T2: Now what?

    I just want to comment on a few issues First batteries : I purchased cheap Bonacell batteries on e-bay for about $7 each they work ok with about 2/3 at best the life of the OEM Fujifilm supplied with my X-T2. So I bought a few. Raw conversion: I have been shooting Digital since 93 and have shot in Adobe DNG with my Pentax system from day one. So when I got my X-T2 I decided to convert my files to DNG so I could open them in CS-6. I do most of my editing in Camera Raw . Reading these post I see many references to other raw processing and I admit I am not familiar with them. I have had no trouble getting exceptional images processing them this way . The X-T2 is a real jump from my 24 MPXL Pentax K3 so in more instances than ever before the JPEG is very good and for most purposes I use it. Digital photography is technically so far ahead of what you could achieve with film, consider spending your effort on your photo technique, and you can go back and reprocess your files as the miracle software is created. Enjoy and have a happy New Year .....Bob
  15. photobob


    Merry Christmas. If you haven't figured it out yet, just use 2 cards and set JPEG & Raw in the menu. The card in the first slot will be the Raw file with the second slot JPEG. Then remove the card in the first slot and try to read it on your computer. The computer should see them as RAF files. If so you have raw files. If not you have a problem. I use older versions of Photoshop so I cant read the RAF files so I use the Adobe DNG Converter to convert them to the Universal Raw file (DNG). Easily read and edited. Hope this helps Bob