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  1. I had similar problems with the application which never worked properly (Android version) and finally stopped to use it. For pictures with the tripod I just use the timer and put 2-3 seconds delay.
  2. Dear Carlos, Sorry I don't have an answer but just a question : which underwater case do you have for your Xt-2 ? Many thanks. Mimmo
  3. Many thanks. Indeed I have a lens with an aperture ring, which explains why the rear dial doesn't change the aperture.
  4. I have a brand new X-T2 which I am learning to use and I have a problem with the setting of the Command Dials. The current settings indicate the front command dial for the aperture and the rear one for the shutter speed. However, if the rear one effectively changes the shutter speed, when I turn the front one the aperture never changes (I have to do it manually on the lens itself). Any idea ? Thanks.
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