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  1. Hey all New (or rebooted, at least) poster from the far North of England. Used most manufacturers and camera types over the past decades but I appear to have now settled on Fuji X as my ideal combination of size, weight, quality and usability. Currently shooting with an old X-T1, Samyang 12, Fuji 23/2 and the 50-230, and very happy with the setup. I've tried most genres over the years and have just come off the back of a three year addiction to street shooting and gone back into landscape/seascape work, using 16 stop ND. Will no doubt be posting some examples later. Anyway, looking forward to reading and contributing
  2. Nice I live there and for some reason I never take pictures of the coast. I really should
  3. Hey Long time photographer, new poster; just got rid of all my other stuff and picked up an X100S to try and bring a bit of enjoyment and a bit of immediacy back to my work, stifled through years of 'slow' cameras (SLRs and MFT cameras which missed the shot 85% of the time because the wrong lens was on and the right lens was 30 seconds away; slow compacts and superzooms whose image quality made me not bother shooting in the first place). Really liking it so far and have seen a lot of good stuff from my genre of choice (street) in this forum already
  4. New poster, just got rid of all my photographic equipment and picked up an X100S in the hope of rekindling my interest in the hobby and bringing back a bit of immediacy to my work, ruined over years of SLR and slow mirrorless options. Really liking the camera for street work so far. Ten recent favourites, all taken in Newcastle upon Tyne in the last two weeks. I hope my usual hotlinking works and I'm not breaking any forum rules..
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