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    geejays reacted to ARDA in X-T2 50-140 f2.8 Video Butterfly   
    Hello  ,
    i like video on X- T2 

       (Kelebek / Butterfly) 

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    geejays reacted to lisa in Newbie Canon to Fuji   
    Welcome to the Fuji world. 
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    geejays reacted to F_J_Woods in Newbie Canon to Fuji   
    I cannot speak to the X-T2's performance in low temperatures. I am originally from Southern California and get chill blains when temps fall below 50 Fahrenheit.
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    geejays reacted to zimmanj in Newbie Canon to Fuji   
    Hello geejays and F_J_Woods,
    I am a newbie here and have the X-T2. I have been shooting with the Canon 1Dx Mark II. I am very impressed with the image quality of the X-T2. I also noticed the battery life can be a problem. I have 9 batteries because I like to do winter photography. I am worried about the batteries and extreme cold. The thing that is keeping me from making a full commitment to Fuji is that I have had very little success in shooting birds in flight. I have the Fuji 100-400 lens, 1.4 extender and the power grip. I think I need someone to help me setup the menu properly. Do any of you have the info I need or could you direct me to a place that can help. All I have seen is setting  up for car races or tennis. Nothing with wildlife or birds in particular.
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    geejays reacted to F_J_Woods in Newbie Canon to Fuji   
    I made a similar jump just a handful of months ago -- from Canon 6D to the X-T2. The Canon was fine enough - good image quality in a solidly built frame, but I found that I would rarely grab it due to size and the weight of the brick-ish L lenses I bought in a rush of neophyte enthusiasm. The X-T2 is such a lovely and inviting little creation I find that I always want to reach for it. My only gripe is that I underestimated just how much more battery power the EVF was going to use compared to a dslr's OVF. But, as you say, there's always something.
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