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  1. Well I finally got out and about with my XT2 and battery grip (see previous post above). The problem is still there. Whilst my camera is being carried it is switched off. When I switch it on sometimes the icons for the grip battery show red, i.e. low charge. If I then switch it off, take out the battery tray and put it back in then it works fine. So after being without the grip for two months the camera for one month of its guarantee period with no result I have come to the conclusion that it is a design flaw. The problem occurs when I use my 100-400 lens (and 1.4 converter) carried using my
  2. Hi, I'm looking to do more like this myself. I find the 50-140 is my main walkabout butterfly photography lens. I shoot stills and so usually use an extender and can also get shots of birds. The butterfly looks to be a small copper
  3. I too am having issues with moving wildlife. I got to the stage with my Canon gear where I could nail good bird in flight shots. Having difficulty replicating that with Fuji. I also feel I need to get my custom settings better adjusted. I am now photographing more butterflies and dragonflies and really miss the close focus of my Canon 100-400. The Fuji 100-400 doesn't focus nearly so close. I don't use a tube as I walk with my gear and like to be ready to shoot birds as well. Starting to find the 50-140 with extender is better (lighter as well). Will be interested to try the new 80 Macro with
  4. Hi All, I have received my XT2 and battery grip back from Fuji. Once one person was taking responsibility for my problems I was kept fully informed, including a telephone call from him. They could find no fault but updated my XT2 body to the new firmware. I have not been out yet to fully test with the same usage which gave the problems but with the small amount of shooting i have managed there has been no problem. I hope to give it more of a test over the weekend and will report back on the results.
  5. Hi there, Just joined the Forum and will be interested to see how it goes. I p/x'd some of my canon gear for an X-Pro2 about a year ago and am very pleased with it. Then bought an XT2 with grip and a couple of long zooms. Generally very pleased with the change of gear which mostly matches my change of photographic interest. The size and picture quality certainly outweigh the couple of issues I have found in still trying to shoot nature/ wildlife. I am however adjusting my shooting style and am getting used to the change in functionality. Once the faults in my gear have been sorted under warra
  6. There have been a number of problems reported with XT2 and the battery grip. I found that 'resetting' either by taking out the battery case or switching off/on or various combinations seemed to resolve the apparent fully discharged battery. inconvenient and clearly a known problem. Known by plenty of users but not admitted by Fuji. there have also been reports of the fault occurring with the body and its single battery. I contacted Fuji and suggested the problem was known (by users) and could be a software/ firmware issue in the body. They said it was not a known problem and sent pre-paid pac
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