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  1. I have the 28-55 “kit lens” as well as the 10-24. Both are excellent. As a budget alternative to extreme wide angle, I would have a look at the Rokinon 12mm f/2. It can be had for $300 USD. I’ve used it for night time Milky Way photography
  2. Just looking for input into how much noise one gets with the XT-2 with long exposures. I am considering it as an upgrade to my XE2s
  3. XT2: when does noise become unacceptable? 10 sec? 20 sec? 30 sec?
  4. Having gravitated to Fuji from Nikon, I find the WiFi quite useful. Wayyy better than Nikon’s version
  5. How secure is your WIFi network when downloading photos from a Fuji Camera to an iPad using Fuji Remote App? Thanks
  6. Is there a way to customize this to reduce the sweep or the number of clicks? I have been trying to shoot with a vertical L bracket and it seems I either finish too soon or the function interrupts because I’m moving too slowly. Thanks. Allen
  7. Thanks. That’s what I’m leaning toward
  8. I currently use an XE2s. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on these two Fuji’s and I would like some thoughts/opinions from those who have used both. What did you like/dislike? Reasons for preferring one over the other. I do primarily landscapes and macro. Thanks, Allen,
  9. I’ve been using the Flashpoint sold by Adorama. I believe it’s the same flash as Godox. I use the R2 transmitter to fire the flash wireless. It is full TTL and works well for me.
  10. An update. I did a reset to factory default and I can now access manual focus. I have no clue which custom setting was the culprit.
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